Online support service for a legal software company, 2019

Garant is a well-known Russian law firm.

I worked on the main Garant’s product: web interface of law database with lots of supply services for commercial and government organizations and professional lawyers. Also, I was involved in work on the new online chat for Garant, which should merge and replace all of the former support services, such as e-mails, phone calls, and feedback forms embedded in Garant web-services.

In this project, I was responsible for UX and UI design. I came up with a wireframe prototype of the new interface and presented it to stakeholders. Later I made UI design and have participated in writing technical specifications for developers.

Is there anything special about it?

Most of the “Garant” users are corporate and self-employed lawyers (yep! they ask questions to the Garant lawyers), who are familiar with writing big detailed questions, exhausting conversations, and comprehensive answers. So I had to invent an interface, suited for work with tons of text.

Here is a short overview of how those conditions have affected the user interface and make it look different from the third-party online chat solutions.

The user starts with the “new question” screen, as he has no unanswered questions:

The interface is suited for work with large amounts of text. Chat viewport is wide enough, and there is no unnecessary decoration for messages, such as bubbles. It improves readability.

When the user got an answer to his question, the operator marks the question thread as solved and marks some of the dialogue messages as the answer. If the user opens the solved question thread later, he will see the only text of the question and those marked the answer messages. Whole unedited dialogue text available for view and export, too.

Most of the questions are momentary, so solved questions move to archive, hidden by default. At the same time, corporate customers use the Garant support intensively. They have lots of conversations, and some of the answers are demanded occasionally, so I added bookmarking and filtering tools.

I worked on this project during my occupation as a lead product designer at Garant Service University in 2019.