Interface for a wellbore design application, 2020

During 2020, I participated in work on a web-interface for trajectory and wellbore construction designing software for one of the biggest Russian oil companies. The software was supposed to be an alternative for high-priced third-party solutions such as Wellplan by Landmark, Compass, and some other software.

I came up with an interface concept, considering a list of required functions given by stakeholders. Also, I participated in interviews with the users of the former software, awaiting the replacement.

I’ve made a detailed interactive wireframe and few UI mockups with colors, icons, and other UI assets from the corporate design kit.

Here are some of UI mockups of the interface:

ui for well design app


I made some interactive prototyping to develop and test the UX. Here is a quick overview of the app’s navigation (wireframe made with Axure RP). Have to say, it’s not a sleek and fine-tuned interface, just typical “under the hood” work, which I do, to estimate the efficiency of the design solutions.