Data analysis software for an oil company, 2021

Since October 2020, I’m working on a new interface for a data analysis software package for an oil company, which is in intense use by the customer’s departments and subsidiaries. It offers a vast range of functions aggregated in 12 modules. For example:

The customer wants us to make a new web-based application with the functionality of the existing desktop software. Also, the customer needed to renew the interface due to the overwhelming inconsistency and complexity of the former interface, why users regularly got stuck processing even simple operations while working with it.

I work as a part of the CET MIPT team in a lead UX designer role in common with a user interface designer and a few junior UX-ers. My duties in this project are interviewing users, designing information architecture, making interactive wireframes, reviewing the design team’s work, and delivering ready design mockups to the development team.